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Hackett Limited is a British multi-channel retailer of clothing for men and boys, with a broad range of apparel and accessories. It was founded in 1983 in London, England. As of June 2019, the company had 160 stores globally, with its flagship store at 14 Savile Row in London.

A Distinguished Member under the name of ¨vholymadness¨ replied to a question thrown at STYLE FORUM about Hackett`s quality: "I dunno, I can't get excited about Hackett, try as I might. I visit their outlet twice a year and the sportcoats are almost-but-not-quite tempting, even at around 300 € a piece. I often find the construction inelegant to the point where it hangs awkwardly off my frame like a paper bag; the shoulders, in particular, are quite built up. Even the coats using Loro Piana fabric seemed stiff to me and didn't drape well in front of the mirror. I suspect cheap materials and/or workmanship. What really gets me is the patterns; they are near -- but just short of being -- really attractive in terms of color and pattern choices, but something inevitably makes them slightly garish or cheap-looking, like a Zara product. I'm not trying to start an argument btw, I am just very picky about what I buy. I agree that some of the looks posted above are quite nice, which makes it frustrating for me whenever I visit the store. For comparison's sake, Facconable (which occupies a slightly higher price bracket than Hackett but is aiming for basically the same market) tends to offer nicer pieces on the whole, even if it lacks the tweedy English charm of the latter."


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Former Employee - Eea says

"mediocre benefits, work-life balance, low investment into the employees and everything is hush-hush, very disorganized as well."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership does not care about employees and they have had constant Layoff's since March. Everyone was told not to tell anyone about the layoff's. People who are on projects are asked to bill 40 hours even if they are supposed to bill 32 hours because of a holiday. The culture is very toxic."

Former Employee - Internal says

"Truly the worst employer I've ever had. Leadership absolutely does not care about their employees at all, even through a crisis. Do NOT work here. It was awful before the crisis and it's even worse now."

Former Employee - Senior Consultant says

"Incredibly unprofessional organization - was not able to leave quickly enough. Position was vastly different (worse) than advertised. Worked with some incredibly toxic managers. Utilization and bonus calculation is very flawed. You will be forced to work overtime but cannot charge it in - so if you are unlucky and not staffed between engagements you cannot make up this time gap. Most of the positive reviews on this site are from off-shore contractors - I would make sure to filter those out if considering THG."

Current Employee - Consultant says

"As others have pointed out, the leadership is weak. I've had to tolerate time card manipulation for the sake of utilization goals. I've witnessed layoffs that were purely political. Strategy seems nonexistent and each practice lead build a fiefdom."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Management only care about hours worked and utilization. Ask consultants to bill extra hours at quarter end. Currently under bidding on projects to get work - thus staffing them at the below reasonable staffing levels. Wondering why they do no finish on time or the project isn't the highest quality. Have a bonus program that has not paid out in 10 quarters. Be careful if you give notice, if you not on a project you will be booted immediately and not paid for the notice period"

Current Employee - Director says

"Outdated shallow IP that they market to mom and pop companies Terrible cheap management A culture that promotes laziness and crummy work Told employees to write fake positive reviews!!"

Former Employee - Senior Director says

"Partner level management was horrible - 1980's style Big 8 culture of underbid the project and overwork the consulting team to make up for incompetence in scoping and bidding the work and in unhealthy expectations client management."

Former Employee - Director says

"- some policies are ridiculous: if you take three days in a week off, they force you to take the remaining week off (wasting your hard earned PTO) because you cannot be staffed on projects otherwise. the company does not care about personal events and one can only take an extended leave if it is during a major holiday (so you have to get married during July 4th or they won't approve time off. if you push, the performance year is negatively impacted) - compensation is not competitive - they will find ways to cut your bonus. a few years it was not even paid - no training/professional development"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management told us that we are having a hard time hiring because our brand is suffering. We are told to go make up reviews on glassdoor to improve our ratings and hiring options. Executives took a million dollar bonus this year, zero bonus for the rest of the employees. Revenue is up, stock price is up, everyone is billing at close to 100%, economy is hot. They made up excuses. S&BT has no interest in developing or retaining talent. Company is run on obsolete systems, we don't follow our own advice that we give to clients. There are lots of harassment claims that are being "handled internally" Base pay is way below market (and they don't give great bonuses) Principals encourage the staff that they like to leave because "if they were young again and had options, they wouldn't put up with it" Very few exit options."

Quantitative Analyst (Former Employee) says

"not good place to work, EXCEPT great location at Dunwoody, bright working space, café, gym, especially the location at Dunwoody, it is convenient to people live anywhere in Atlanta"

Director, Management Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Stay Away or have a contingency plan. Culture is not good, Managed day to day, no strategy. Most enjoyable part of the job was the clients and co-workers."

EPM Architect (Former Employee) says

"The management offers zero work life balance and no opportunities to upskill. They couldn't manage to get a single project of note in the three years i've worked there. Do not recommend for anyone."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional place to work. Cannot build a career at this firm. HR has no clue what is going on with the functional groups. Many employees are unsatisfied with working conditions, and work load. Very political environment. Mid-level management does not push back on consulting management, they rather go with the lay down and take it approach. Sr. Operational Management runs the firm like a mill only looking at bill rates and cost rates, and everyone is in fright when a directive comes down from "them". Not sure how they say they are "world class defined, and enabled", when the same ERP systems they implement for fortune 500 companies, they can't get it right within their own firm, just something to think about...Free lunchesUnprofessional Management, management cannot work under tight deadlines, ERP systems constantly dump "key" data, and IT team cannot figure out why."

Business Intelligence Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"They will work at keeping you billable at all cost. It doesn't matter what you know or what goals you have. If you are not billable all the time they don't want you.TravelTravel"

Alliance Director (Former Employee) says

"This was without a doubt the worst place I have ever worked, Hired into role as Alliance Director. The business needs determined I filled in as a as a salesperson. The workplace culture was tightly managed by a "leader" with no leadership qualities other than to manage up and ENFORCE down. Little to no professionalism in the workplace and absolutely no flexibility for folks with families. I would never recommend this company to anyone. The sales process involves comparison from an outdated set of information for each new client. While there is some value in the comparison it is not nearly as comprehensive a compare as it should be in the current data driven world."

Senior Finance Transformation Consultant (Former Employee) says

"There are some really good people at Hackett - but there is also an abundance of terrible/rotten management that spoils everything. HR, resource/IP sharing, and travel/expense policies are all very poor. Directors and above have both high billable hours and sales targets - creating a culture where resources and IP are hoarded. Chargeability structure for bonus is left to chance. On your projects you can only charge a maximum of 8 hours per day - despite always being forced to work overtime. If you happen to not be staffed for a period, you can never make up that lost time.Management, bonus calculation, HR department, no perks"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The compensation plan directly goes against team collaboration creating a culture that does not support collaboration. Only 10% of the organization is woman and there is a large discrepancy between what woman make vs. men."

Director, Global People HR and PR (Former Employee) says

"Leadership is lacking. No support from management. Not sure of direction of company. No real expertise in services being sold. Crab bucket mentality instead of working together"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great company to develop your career - exposure to many aspects of the business world, very high paced and ran a very lean organization - which means employees are expected to hit the ground running. Hardly any training provided. Flexible work schedule depending on your manager. Need to invest in employee development.You get to work with highly skilled individualsNo investment in employee development"

Oracle Application Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Todos los años cambian los criterios de evaluación de los empleados para evitar que lleguen a calificar para bonos. Las evaluaciones son realizadas por jefes de oficinas locales que no trabajan todo el año con el consultor y desestiman las evaluaciones de los team leaders extranjeros que si lo hacen."

EPM Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company hires personal from contracted clients into there Practice and suggest current associates to keep it confidential and work around that type of personal.remote work, so so benefits packagesmanagement, company values and client concerns"

Senior Director (Former Employee) says

"Very hard to work with the management team. Paid competitively and benefits were good. Hours were horrendous, so work life balance was completely out of whack"

FICO Manager (Current Employee) says

"I spent a lot of time reading ABAP code and testing business processes in SAP. I wrote a lot of test scripts and test plans, while also writing functional specs."


"would not work in the HR practice. Misled us about future direction of the company. Current leadership lacked ability to close new accounts using strategic solutions."

Manager/Executive Assistant - President (Former Employee) says

"Working for a consulting company is always a learning experience. Learning how to deal with consultants inside their own office is always interesting. I worked for the President of the comapny. I supported him in all aspects of the business as well as prospective clients. I built profiles/histories for him to view for each of his business trips so he would know what work we had preformed for each company as well as finding out things that would be good to make the personal tie for building a strong relationship. i.e., people they knew, hobbies, boards or associations they both had affiliations with that might tie together.worked with an individual who i highly respectedno chance for advancement"

Director (Former Employee) says

"You work and you get paid. Not much more than that at Hackett. Job security ebbs and flows with their work volume. Management views the consultants as cogs in a machine. If you can live with that, the engagements are pretty interesting.SalaryBonus, management"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot about Managed Services within an organization. It took quite a team to manage the daily operations of a large customer. It was very challenging."

Worker Bee (Former Employee) says

"It is generally a good place to work but the healthcare benefits are not good and the match on 401k is small. Salary is pretty good it seems, but travel can be tiring.salaryhealthcare"

HR Global Associate (Former Employee) says

"My two years with The Hackett Group gave me value experience in Onboarding employees, assisting with Employee Benefits and Employee Relations, and learning a new HRIS system.Free continental breaksfast on Fridays and sometimes lunch."

Douglas Bollen says

"Shocking Not Even deserve one star
So I have a lovely Hackett coat, which I have to say very good quality.
My zip is broken and have emailed to see if I can get it repaired. I also said I’m more then willing to pay for the service. But email back from someone called Mara saying no proof of purchase can’t help you..
Not looking for anything free just would love my jacket repaired
Doug Bollen"

Mr CCC says

"Bought over £500 of items. Paid in full inc vat. However got a call from UPS saying they would not deliver unless I paid a further £50 in duty as items were being shipped from Spain.
Customer services wont answer calls or emails. No refund given no items received"

Rob Taylor says

"On 4th Jan I Ordered nearly £800 of Aston Martin clothing, was told online 1-2 days delivery. Tracked item and found out it was coming from Spain, went to Germany, then Uk. Chased after 3 working days to be told it takes longer in sale times. Continued to track and was told delivery 8th Jan, this didn’t happen then told 11th Jan, logged in only to see ‘item refused by customer’ and now ‘return to sender’. Never come across such appalling CS, now awaiting a refund. I have put a complaint into Amex and they have credited my account. I cannot ‘Hackett’ with this rubbish company. Recommend everyone avoids, no complaints department and blamed delivery errors in Brexit. If you order anything from these cowboys you do so at your own peril. They want your money at any cost."

Chris Dear says

"Beware orders come from main warehouse in Spain not London so Express delivery means nothing. Customer services unable to help, will try to find out what is happening. No manager or customer complaint department. Avoid this company"

Customer says

"I ordered two shirts from Hackett online as Christmas presents. They sent me one shirt and one pair of trousers. Rang customer service as soon as I opened package - they expected me to order again (and therefore pay again) the missing shirt - very unhelpful. Was told enquiry being escalated but still haven’t heard back. Someone short of a Christmas present and won’t be reordering. V poor customer service."

Aladdin M says

"Horrible customer experience when ordering online and/or returning an item online!
Contacting CS takes several minutes to get a reply via chat. Even in the middle of an ongoing conversation the agent/a are not able to maintain friendly on a professional basis or to try to solve your issue.
No understanding in customers urgency or query at all!
Shocked how long it takes to refund an order.
DHL is quicker, more effective and way more friendly than Hacketts CS"

Shins Mahal says

"I bought some clothes with 40%off but no one mentioned a sales tax on them ,it come roughly to the original price i will be sending them back very sneaky excuse the grammer"

Adam Baldwin says



Disgruntled_Customer says

"Just truly awful. I returned some items and they missed some when issuing a refund - trying to get the money back requires the patience of the Dalai Lama.

Every response is "you will hear back in 24hours"..... nothing.... call back again "you will hear back in 24 hours"..... nothing.

Just avoid the hassle and don't shop here. Still waiting on my refund...."

Katya Gousseva says

"Pathetic customer service, specifically Michelle, took 5 minutes to get their UK phone number, talking with ridiculous attitude, using phrases like 'I told you 10 times now, you can try again if you want...', trying her hardest to get me to waste my time by calling them back several times, even though 'you'll probably get through to me anyway.' Hackett needs to find some competent staff if it wants to sell anything online."

Blas Blass says

"Hackett's customer service is painful, in my life I have seen so little respect for the customer, lack of interest and rudeness. Lack of respect. We go from this brand I did not expect..."

Mr. Douglas Gonese says

"Despicable & the worst e’er service ...a lot worse than you’d get from shabby markets in most developing countries 🤬🤬🤬!?"

Damien says

"Placed an order on the 24th of May, 2020. Checked the status of the order a few days later, and discovered that the order was listed as 'cancelled' in the orders section of my account on the Hackett website. Emailed customer service about it, and was assured that the order was in fact still active (in spite of the 'cancelled' status, stating the contrary) and was told to be patient due to COVID, which was creating delays and affecting processing and delivery times. Checking the tracking of the order revealed that the current status of my order was 'processing order'. Emailed them again on the 2nd of June, requesting an update on the order, which was still listed as 'processing order' on the tracking app. Two days later, I received the same tired old explanation/excuse of COVID and to essentially 'be patient'. After a few more back and forth emails with customer service that succeeded in accomplishing absolutely nothing, I'd finally had enough and demanded a refund on the 9th of June. After another several agonising days, I finally received an email from Hackett, confirming that my refund had been approved and I could expect to be refunded shortly. In all the years that I've been buying online, I've never had such a disastrous shopping experience. COVID was no excuse either, as I ordered several items from overseas retailers during the pandemic and not once did I have to suffer any delays. I will never buy online from the Hackett website ever again. Shame, because a year prior, I had actually bought a number of really nice polo shirts, without issue. This latest debacle however, has completely destroyed my confidence in the brand."

Haydn says

"Two days ago I placed an order online through the Hackett website for £947. After providing my credit card details an error message popped up stating that the payment had not gone through. As such I used my Paypal account to make the payment.

I found out yesterday evening that the charge of £947 has been taken from my credit card 3 times and has now taken me over my credit limit and incurred overdraft charges.

I spoke to Customer Services this morning and have been told that I will have to wait 3 days for the payment to be reversed. I asked to speak to a manager and for the matter to be escalated but was told that they do not have managers in the department...

I now cannot use my credit card for the rest of the week.

Thanks very much Hackett. Never again!!!"

Ashley & Pip Hall says

"Have waited nearly 20 minutes on customer service phone line and gave up. I am chasing up a refund due to me. Refunds are exceptionally slow and take 3 to 4 weeks to process!"

Daniel Bird says

"Still waiting for a refund from a product ordered at Christmas. Repeated emails to the 'online store' email address remain unanswered. For a premium brand this is the worst customer service I've ever received. AVOID!!!"

ian murray says

"Poor. Submitted an order consisting of three items, one of which was cancelled, no reason given. Went back to the website to order an alternative to notice that the cancelled item was still available to purchase. So i e-mailed Customer Services to query if item that was cancelled was available or not, several days later I'm still waiting on an acknowledgement. In this instance, poor Customer Service has resulted in lost sales opportunity now and in the future. No further online sales from me."

rod lawson says

"I actually bought on the Brand Alley website, but it was a Hackett Aston Martin Racing T-Shirt. After two washes the Aston Martin Wording and logo came off. There is a ‘plastic’ square in the back, just below the neck line. It creates an uncomfortable ‘feel’ and is irritating. Quite frankly this is fairly poor and would advise you to think twice, before buying. A great pity as in the past, they produced decent shirts and T shirts."

youri sidunov says

"I ordered from hackett.com men's zip-neck wool jumper. Upon receipt their "luxury merino jumper" at the price of £80 (down from original £120) looked cheap and inferior, the wool was thin, patchy and rough on touch. I didn't even bother trying it on.
Return process was somewhat awkward. After I filled out their online return request form they emailed me the link to download the return label to open which I was instructed to enter the order number staring with GB. My order number started with UK hence the link didn't work. My second email asking for correct link was completely ignored so I had to call their customer service. It took me a week of emailing and calling to finally receive the return label.
It has been very disappointing experience of shopping with Hackett."


"Build quality is good. However customer service lacking. Queried incomplete size guide and got a 'like' no response. Items shipped from Europe, not UK."

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